Greenhouse Engineering

An introduction to the team.

Learning and Development

We value a learning culture, where people are continuously improving, so we can become better humans and technologists! The entire team contributes to each other’s growth in many ways. Here are a few:

  • We have regular Lunch and Learns, where team members present on topics they are excited about. Past topics include an introduction to Redis and how our configuration has changed over time, takeaways from the user research we’ve done on product features, how to pair program, a guide to 3D printing, and more!
  • Individuals on the team have started many grassroots learning initiatives. For example, CS Book Club meets regularly to make technical topics accessible to a wider audience and other groups self organize to take online courses together and hold each other accountable.
  • Each person has a yearly Learning and Development budget to use on things like books, workshops, and conferences related to technology, communication skills, management skills, and more!
Two people holding balloons in the shape of the number one
Celebrating a one year anniversary with the team!
Two people posing with hats
Marking progress on a project with silly hats!

Technical Projects

Engineers at Greenhouse work with high autonomy on technical projects to address customer requests, mitigate and prevent performance issues, improve developer workflows, scale our services, and more. Here are some projects currently in production:

  • An internal high volume document processing service written in Go to convert Word documents to PDFs for use in our customer facing applications.
  • Our production and development applications are deployed and managed via an internal deployment platform built on Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS. It gives developers fine grained control over scaling, configuring, and provisioning resources to let us deliver stable and performant services.
  • We run multiple instances of Greenhouse Recruiting to keep pace with a growing customer base and enable scaling of our web application and data stores, adhere with security requirements, and set ourselves up for global availability.

Career Development

We do our best to help people figure out how to get the most out of their time at Greenhouse. We use structured, skills based career ladders to coach and promote people and provide opportunities to explore different career paths. Here are some of the things people have done:

  • Internally, we’ve had colleagues join us from Sales, Customer Support, and Account Management and find their place on the Engineering team.
  • Coding school attendees have joined us in QA/Automation roles and then moved on to Product Engineering, Infrastructure, Front End, and other teams.
  • Engineers have switched between being an individual contributor and being a manager and are supported in whatever path they choose.
  • Engineers have done short term rotations on, or have moved between, various teams such as Infrastructure, Solutions, Performance, Mobile, and Product Engineering.
Person wearing headphones sitting in front of two computer monitors
Working on some stuff!
Greenhouse branded mug, notebook, pen and other items in a box
The welcome kit we give to new hires!

Our Interview Process

Are you interviewing at Greenhouse? We use a structured interviewing process so that all candidates have a fair chance to assess Greenhouse and show us their abilities through practical exercises relevant to the role. The specifics will vary, but here’s what usually happens:

  • After you apply, if your skills look like a good fit for one of our open roles, one of our recruiters will reach out to better understand what you're looking for and answer your questions about the team.
  • Next, we’ll share a technical exercise with you to either complete independently or with one of our engineers in order to understand the scope and depth of your experience. Depending on the role, you might prototype a web page from a design or write up a test plan for a given workflow.
  • Then, you’ll come on site for some interviews so we can further understand how you problem-solve and work with our team. Depending on the role, you might pair with someone to add functionality to a small application or debug and refactor a bash script.
  • Finally, we’ll follow up to discuss next steps and answer any questions you have.

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